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Professional business IT Maintenance and IT supplies for businesses around Devon, Cornwall and the whole of the South West.

What we do

Computer Maintenance

Computers drive the modern day working world and grant us fantastic abilities to trade and communicate.
However, we've all experienced though nuisance times when computers go wrong. With routine maintenance from Wilde IT we can ensure your systems are kept online and operational so downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Network Upgrades and Maintenance

Access to resources and equipment is only gained by keeping your network online and operating correctly. Although less susceptable to issues than a computer, your network infrastructure still requires maintenance and upgrades to ensure it is kept secure and makes use of modern technologies to allow seemless network connectivity.

Internet Security

Be responsible on the internet, make sure you protect yourself and the people and companies you digitally interact with. Without suitable Internet Security damage can begin to happen to your senstive data before you even realise what's happening. We can provide various security packages, please contract us for more information.

Backup Services and Recovery Procedures

The best defense against data loss and cyber attacks is a good recovery procedure. At minimum, a computer holds information on a single storage device on a single PC and if this fails your data could be unrecoverable. We can offer backup solutions and preventative measures to ensure your data are held securely and can be recovered easily if/when the worst happens

About Us

Wilde Stuff Ltd (Wilde IT) is a small business based in the sunny riverside village of Starcross, near Exeter in Devon.
Tinkering with computers since childhood, it's safe to say we have decades of experience using computers and troubleshooting issues.
When we're not taking computers apart or bugfixing, we'll probably be cycling, walking, or working on our van (Yes, it is the best IT vehicle in Devon).

Our Responsibilities

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Things we love

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